Interior Design Consultancy/Design & Implementation

  1. The Pulling it Together Package:
    Many clients are happy overall with their furnishing but always feel like the room is just quite not pulled together. Perhaps the furniture is in the wrong place just moving a few things around would do the trick, or all you need in some art on the walls and accessories in just the right location.

  2. The One Room Redo Package:
    Some people like to take it one room at a time. 

  3. The Peace of Mind Package:
    We can take your room from wasted space to amazing place and you don’t have to lift a finger. All you have to do is tell us what you want!

Feng Shui Consultancy/Design & Implementation

Our professional consultant will help you create harmony and balance in any space where you live, work, or spend time based on the 5 elements of energy: fire-earth-water-wood & metal.

We give you an assessment of your residence or business and its potential for wealth, health, relationships and success.

Any negative factors will be addressed and corrections will be outlined to this effect while we organize the space to maximize positive energy.

Wedding Registry (Wedding List)

We’re always happy to be part of a joyous occasion. We offer bridal and gift registries to collect the latest, trendiest international collections of home accessories, accent pieces, tableware, lighting and more.

To your door steps

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